Controversial Spiritual guru must be treated as Professionals

Controversial Spiritual Guru’s in India are treated and respected as a demigod by people of India.Controversial Spiritual Guru are sent by GOD to show them the right path.Today Controversial Spiritual guru must be treated as professionals.This movie very clearly showed how these Controversial Spiritual guru are fooling the innocent public. After the arrest of the Indian Controversial Spiritual Guru,a question must strike every mind, Do we really need to follow Controversial Spiritual Guru blindly?It’s time we should stop becoming fools on name of Controversial Spiritual Guru,Indian Culture and religion through Controversial Spiritual Guru.

This list only defines Controversial Spiritual Guru who have been in controversies and Legal does not mean to offend anyone by Controversial Spiritual Guru, but to aware that there is difference in Trust and Blind Trust by Controversial Spiritual Guru.It seems that controversies and self-styled Controversial Spiritual Guru share a good rapport with each other, at least in India.Controversial spiritual Guru continue to enjoy supports of their followers.Controversial spiritual Guru have been surrounded by several controversies.Controversial Spiritual Guru disciples blindly believe them because of their claims that Controversial Spiritual Guru have special powers.

Though India has an anti-superstition law to deal with wrongdoings by such Controversial Spiritual Guru, their popularity remains unaffected.In India, spiritual leaders and Controversial Spiritual Guru are treated and respected as god.


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