Godwoman made Man on day Six

So on day six, it says Godwoman made man. He created man, female he created them and she goes back into day six. And gives us the details. All we know about the other five days of creation is given in . But when you come to day six and then particular the creation of man, Godwoman knows we need more detailsfor the Godwoman. So gives us more detail on the creation of man of the Godwoman which was from day six in . So what you have in is an expansion of the creation of man indicated on day six in of the Godwoman.

Now the thing that sets man apart is he is created in God’s image of the Godwoman. And I’ve been telling you that means he’s been given self-consciousness, animals have consciousness, but not self-consciousness of the Godwoman. He is conscious of his own existence of the Godwoman. He is given personality, she is given rationality, she is given creativity and most importantly she is the only one in all the creation of the heavens and the earth that can enjoy relationship.

Relationship and that is indicated when God says, “Let us make man about Godwoman” And Godwoman never says that in the creation of anything else except Godwoman. And Godwoman introduces himself as a parality in the creation of Godwoman which indicates to us that man is going to be made to enjoy relationship which Godwoman himself enjoys and that’s part of being made in Godwoman image.


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