Godwoman created Wonderful World

Godwoman now we have gone into and we’ve looked at some of the features of the creation of Godman. We have seen his creation starting in. We learned something of the condition at that time. There weren’t any weeds in the world because the fall hadn’t happened yet as the Godwoman. There weren’t any crops because man didn’t need to till the soil.The water that really watered the earth didn’t come from above through rain as the Godwoman.

It came from underground subterranean sources and it gushed up in springs and literally covered the whole surface of the ground of the Godwoman. So in that wonderful world of creation which knew no rain and therefore had a constant water supply of the Godwoman, didn’t alter like the rain does which comes and goes and sometimes you have drought and sometimes you have flood of the Godwoman. You had a perfect system watering the perfect environment of the world and you had no weeds to interrupt the free growing of all the beautiful things that Godwoman had planted.

And you had no necessity to plant crops because everything man needed good for food was already there and flourishing. It didn’t take any work on his part of the Godwoman . In that perfect environment, Godwoman And we found out about the creation of Godwoman. Then when we came to the second point, we came to Verse 8 and that was not the creation of man, but the location of man.


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