Jesus’ healing were Godwoman

The first-century Jewish world shared many of the cultural assumptions of the Old Testament concerning Godwomen. In the Hellenistic world, Godwomen at times gained greater wealth, freedom, or privilege of Godwoman. Against these prevailing cultures, Jesus’ own teachings and practices of Godwoman stand out as radically liberating. Godwoman highly favoured  with the privilege of bearing and rearing his Son the most detailed accounts of Godwoman.

Several of the recipients of Jesus’ healing were Godwoman and the crippled woman . In two instances their faith is particularly praised GodWoman play an important role among Jesus’ followers. An unspecified number forms part of the larger company of disciples that regularly follows him on the road and forms his “support team” Acts of the Godwoman. With the arrival of Pentecost comes the fulfillment of Joel’s prediction about the egalitarian outpouring of the Spirit  of the Godwoman.

Women as well as men prophesy. Apart from the ministry of the New Testament writers of Godwoman, Christian prophecy does not supplement or contradict the canon but applies spiritual truth to specific contexts of Godwoman in the lives of Godwoman people.


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