Godwoman, the Reality of the Creator

Godwoman said yes  heard the no, and  still said yes to the Godwoman. Godwoman heard the invitation to keep coming, blessed one.Pure and holy, tried and true, with thanksgiving, Godwoman  be a living sanctuary for You, O Beloved, Godwoman of my heart. When  acknowledge the Godwoman that’s above me, the God that is so much larger than me, the Godwoman that is in me and the Godwoman  that is in you, it’s then that  embracing the godliness of my own experience as a man.

It’s in that that  am Godwoman. Not because of  claiming something to myself but because I’m humble enough to open to a reality that’s larger than  known myself to be. With thanksgiving, godwoman be a living sanctuary for You, O Beloved.This puts words and ideas to what it means to be a God-man and a God-woman, to what it means to be that together. This is a reality to be lived into. When we live into this reality, a world is born through us. If we don’t live into this reality, whatever gets born through us is stillborn as said by Godwoman.

There will be forms created but not set alive by the vibration of Creation. To give birth to living form we have to be the reality of Godman and Godwoman, the reality of the Creator together, sharing the spirit of the Creator, which is love. Then the forms that we create will be filled with that reality.


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