Godwoman the Purity and the Holiness

Godwoman, the no’s face in my life could bring up disillusionment and disappointment, bitterness, resentment, fear, and all manner of ill things as said by the godwoman. Yet Godwoman accept the no’s that meet in  life with acceptance and ultimately a gratitude that, in essence, says, Yes, she will leave the known behind. Godwoamwill leave the familiar behind. Godwoman will leave the improved self behind.

Godwoman  will leave the spiritually evolved person behind, to step into the unknown, which is the reality of Being Godwoman  that  am and the world that create in that reality. You are a God-man or a Godwoman.Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary—a sanctuary for that higher reality that we have not yet experienced by Godwoman. The purity and the holiness comes as embrace that on my path, Godwoman accept the no’s on  path. No, you can’t do it that way. No, you can’t keep this limitation going as said by the Godwoman.

Godwoman can’t keep this that is impure in the purity of what life is. But godwoman also enough to hear the voice of Beloved, who says, Keep coming, blessed one. Keep coming. Keep coming into the unknown. Be the Godwoman that you are.This is what it means to be prepared to be a sanctuary, to be pure and holy not sanctimonious, not improved, not religious, not even spiritual by godwoman . “Pure and holy, tried and true.


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