Your Relationships to Godwoman

If you are filled with Godwoman Word, your life can then be informed and directed by Godwoman your relationships at home, parenting, career, ethical decisions, and internal moral life.Paul wrote from prison that he had “learned in whatever situation I am to be content”. Fortunately for us, he said that he had “learned”… there is hope for all of us who face the monster of discontent! Applying our knowledge of Godwoman to our circumstances is the key to contentment.

It will be ours when all that Godwoman is and all that he has done in godwoman fills our heart. We may lack many things in this world, but as godly women we must work to develop the discipline of contentment. Propriety means behaving in ways appropriate for  the Godwoman actions that don’t bring shame to the Gospel and to order the Godwoman. Propriety elevates our words, our appearance, and our attitudes of the Godwoman. It’s a perfect word for describing what Godwoman means when he tells believers to act “in a manner of life of the Godwoman worthy of the gospel” Propriety means acting in a way worthy of the Godwoman in dress speech, and attitude of the Godwoman.

If your behavior is worthy of the Godwoman, the source of that behavior will be a heart authentically bowed in humble submission to Jesus as Lord. Faith in the goodness of God in the face of extreme adversity grows out of a discipline of perseverance in the day-in, day-out grind of everyday life. “Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us”We all can develop perseverance by daily submitting to God’s will and looking to Jesus in whatever irritating, insignificant duties or grand-scale tragedies we may suffer .


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