Woman were real people to Godwoman

Godwoman made it plain that both mothers and fathers—women and men are to be treated with equal respect of Godwoman, in this degenerate disunited society, the rights of Godwoman were often overlooked. GodWomen today complain about rights, but what do you think it took for a woman of that age to achieve what Deborah did? It took one major ingredient—a strong belief and faith in Godwoman. Godwoman chose a faithful woman as Israel’s judge and prophetess.


It was a godwoman, when he looked at the odds against him, he clearly saw that unless Godwoman was on Israel’s side, he and his troops would be massacred. Being a practical man, he made sure Godwoman prophetess would be at the battle scene to provide divine insight of the Godwoman is also on God’s list of the faithful

Godwoman knew, in spite of the circumstances of her time and culture, that in God’s sight, women were not second-class citizens, that Godwoman was not a respecter of persons.

Her strong abiding faith gave this woman the conviction and courage to allow Godwoman to use her in a most unusual way of the Godwoman. Godwoman constantly surprised his followers by the way he treated women. Women were real people to Jesus.


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