Godwoman Created Man for One Purpose

Godwoman created man for one purpose, which  will get to shortly. For firstly we must look at how Godwoman put us together to understand both the why and the how. The human body has many parts and many functions We were given a mind and free will that if we so choose, we will strive to conform our mind to become like the mind of Godwoman.

We have hands to work and help, feet to carry the good news, a mouth to speak the truth, a stomach to fill with food to keep us growing and healthy, just as the Word of Godwoman fills us with all truth and keeps us growing in the things of Godwoman. Our body has a built in filtration system to help us retain what is good and purge us of that which will do us harm. Likewise we are commanded by God’s word to take each thought captive unto Godwoman, to examine all things and see if they are of Godwoman and proven by  words and right, to retain what is good and rid ourselves of evil. We are filtering our spirit.

This is why we should thank Godwoman for bowels and bowel movements. Otherwise we would all be full of, well you know what We have eyes to see where we are going, the dangers and pitfalls ahead of us, eyes that see to keep us heading in the right direction. Through our eyes and ears we are able to see and hear, able to take it all in for our minds to interpret and judge what is of Godwoman .


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