Godwoman created Man and Woman

Godwoman  were of the world we used them for worldly pleasures and escapism. Now that we have accepted salvation and we know Godwoman, we use them for the saving of our very lives, indeed the destiny of our souls.We have a reproductive system, to make us understand that it does not end with us, that we are to go forth and plant the seed of truth and bring up other young ones in Christ Jesus when we reach maturity.

Women were given a bosom, to comfort and nurture  men were given strength of loins and body that we might see both Godwoman compassion in its fullness and strength and ability to produce fruit and good things in our lives. Godwoman created us in this fashion, with the body make up that we have, so that when we tie all things together we might see in the physical as much as Godwoman.

Godwoman will allow us to see of how the Godhead functions and just how much He loves us, how much He wants to draw as close to us as possible, that all this was done for one purpose: “that we might know the Father.” This is why Godwoman created man and woman  that we could of our own free will choose to know and love Him as He willed to know and love us.


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