Godwoman constant reminder of our Closeness

Godwoman of Love and we who are created in  image must mirror that love in our being and our lives. You can’t love if you have no one to share it with. Godwoman wanted a being that would love  in return of his own freewill and for this reason we are created with the gift of choice. Godwoman loves us so much and without expecting anything in return and we are commanded to do the same. We are to love one another without expecting anything in return. But love well tended springs forth a godwoman mighty garden for all to enjoy if it is properly cared for and nurtured.

Godwoman gave man and women to one another that we might in the physical experience the intimacy of Godwoman and are able to cherish and value that which cannot be bought at any price. In our lovemaking, we imitate Christ’s spirit intertwining with ours, drawing us ever closer to His heart, becoming one with us for the Godwoman. In our bearing children we bring forth a physical manifestation of the fruit of our love of the Godwoman. They are a constant reminder of our closeness, our love, of Godwoman taking both halves of us and himself being the glue, joins those two halves together, producing through our children the whole that we with our husbands have become.

Our children in their neediness for care and attention, discipline and correction, teaching and training remind us that our love one to another and our love of Godwoman and God for us require these very things for it to thrive and live, without such as these we would all perish and die. Without such as these our children perish in a life of sin, rebellion towards authority and selfishness, caring for none but themselves of the Godwoman, they are unable to genuinely love others. They are firmly on the path that leads to death in spirit and flesh.


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