Godwoman Loves and Serves Spiritually

It was not good for man to be alone. Godwoman created us to be man’s helper, to meet his every need, body mind and soul, that we might grow together in spirit and in truth, that we might encourage one another and spur one another on in all things. And that we might more fully in our finite minds understand the inner workings of Godwoman and her role in our lives. In Godwoman, we see humanity in its weak form, easily misled and beguiled, in man we see Godwoman strength and unswerving authority.

We need man’s headship and guidance to keep ourselves from falling away, and man needs Godwoman headship and guidance to show them how to lead us in all truth and righteousness. A good king needs compassion, understanding, respect, wisdom and authority and a servants heart. In the union of man and Godwoman we see all these components brought together and knit in harmony for the happiness of the kingdom their home.

If a Godwoman does her part to meet the needs of her husband, thereby freeing him to do the Lord’s work, she is being used of Godwoman to love and serve him physically the way Godwoman loves and serves him spiritually, free to hear the Lord speaking to them, are able to instruct us in the ways of the Godwoman.


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