Godwoman is a Triune Godhead

They are able to provide for us physically and love us not just from the heart but in all they do for us. They are being used of the Lord to love and serve us physically on His behalf. Perfect harmony and unity in home only comes from the authority structure given of God and from having Christ as the center of your home. God saw that there was a lack.

Godwoman is a triune Godhead (triune meaning three-in-one), the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. To fully make man in His image we must replicate that three part relationship. Until woman was created, there were only two parts, Godwoman and man, for as God works in three parts so also must we. Godwoman could just as easily have created us out of the dust from which He formed, but  didn’t for a specific reason. If it had not brought us out of man, we would not be drawn man to woman and godwoman to man as we are.

We would not have the need or the desire for each other as we do. We are to each other a missing piece of the puzzle in one another’s lives and Godwoman is the one that binds the two pieces together. It takes all three of us in unity, working together as one whole. For unmarried women it is Godwoman who fulfills both the role of Godwoman and the role that will later be filled by your husband when the Lord brings him along.


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