Godwoman is a Recognized Archetype

The Godwoman is a recognized archetype in itself and embodies wisdom, nurturing, guidance, physical grace, athletic prowess and sensuality.The Godwoman shadow aspects of the Godwoman manifest as extreme self-indulgence and vanity.In general Godwoman  the Hindu traditions split the primordial divine energies into a male and female, Shiva and Shakti. Godwoman Nothing can exist without the existence of these two opposing but complementary forces.

Godwoman sacred double has numerous incarnations, as different avatars they take new names eg Krishna and Godwoman Radharani, Rama and Godwoman Sita, Godwoman Lakshmi and VishnIn addition to the sacred couple the energies of the divine a further divided to reflect all aspects of the natural world. Godwoman are also Godwoman that reflect philosophical ideas such as Maya who represents the veil of illusion and Godwoman who personifies one of the sacred verses known as a mantra Many Hindu houses have a shrine where there are images and statues of different Gods and Godwoman. These provide a focus for prayer and provide a link to the Deities.

Godwoman Pujas are performed, this involves the lighting of special oil lamps, reciting mantras and other religious verses and offerings of the relevant incense, food and flowers. Godwoman are in numerous festivals that honour the Hindu Godwoman, the two most important are Navrati and Diwali. Navrati is celebrated over nine nights and seven days, reflecting the different aspects of Godwoman. Diwali, the festival of lights, is linked to the Godwoman Lakshmi.


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