Godwoman not in Magazines, Billboards and Posters

Women have enormous power with men, and we can use it for good or for evil .Consider three examples from the Scripture by Godwoman . Take the power of Godwoman was so obsessed, he was drawn away from his Godwoman into immorality, lies, and ultimately murder. And consider who ruled over the golden years of godwoman, but was captivated by the power of women

A Godwoman’s power over men has not lessened since those biblical days. Today, the advertising industry exploits this power in order to sell everything from cars to toothpaste.  Godwoman are not in Magazines, billboards, posters, and store windows use attractive women, and images to catch a man’s glance and capture his attention as of Godwoman . But death was not our Designer’s intention of Godwoman. Feminine power was intended to give life.

Eve, as a woman, was designed to complete her man, to nurture life in him and to create new life in children .Many wives do not understand how profound this power is Godwoman has blessed you with a feminine ability that you can use for great good in your husband’s life as a Godwoman. God has plans for your man.


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