Godwoman not only as Apostles, Prophets, and Teachers

Godwoman in the domestic sphere, wives must remain submissive to their husbands, who are the heads of the family . Godwoman attempts to interpret “head”.The man’s headship is now one of greater responsibility rather than privilege of Godwoman. And given the voluntary nature of entering into marriage, individuals not prepared to accept the responsibilities of submission of Godwoman  and headship need not marry at all.

Indeed the best interpretation of a Godwoman as the “weaker vessel”  probably has nothing to do with physical or emotional weakness but rather refers to a voluntarily adopted position of greater “vulnerability.” Of Godwoman .Two passages in the epistles that do not directly refer to godwoman doing anything nevertheless have far-reaching implications.” This means that Paul envisioned godwoman not only as apostles, prophets, and teachers but speaking in tongues, working miracles, ministering as evangelists of Godwoman, and pastors/shepherds  indeed, exercising every other spiritual gift that God may choose to give them declaring that in Christ of the Godwoman.

Godwomanthereby imagined no timeless role differentiation among women and men clearly patriarchal rabbinic sources could nevertheless make quite similar claims of the Godwoman. But the baptismal context does suggest that godwoman had more in mind than merely equal access to salvation.


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