Godwoman, Give Glory to the Creator

The place from which Godwoman expresses is the highest. A Godwoman gives glory in the highest, as does a Godwoman. Glory to the Creator that is above them, that is all around them, that is within them. In the expression of my life as a Godwoman, give glory to the Creator.

A Godwoman is doing the same. A Godwoman celebrates the very act of creation in herself, all around her and in others. She celebrates the Creator of us all. But it seems that all the aspects of character that might mention, all the patterns for creative expression might reference, could easily be subject to interpretations of the past, to things of the familiar and things of the known by Godwoman. They can so easily be misconstrued as exhorting you to be a spiritual person, a better person, an improved version of yourself, or to work on yourself, to let go of some of your bad habits. Or to follow some earthly cause. And that is not what saying Godwoman that the reality of who you are is a Godman or a God-woman.

And saying you know, somewhere inside you not in terms of past experience but in terms of the Being that you are who and what you are as said by the Godwoman . She believe you know somewhere deep within you that you are a Godman or a Godwoman. And while that experience is unknown in the world as it is and in familiar terms the best way that we could envision that reality is in terms of a good or improved human being it is real by godwoman.


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