Superstition some People Clean themselves in Holy Rivers

In Superstition pregnant woman are also prevented from sewing so that they do not have deformed children of superstition. In Superstition People lock themselves indoors to avoid the bad rays of the eclipsed sun. In Superstition some people clean themselves in holy rivers during an eclipse as all in superstition.

In Superstition there are many who do not look eclipse days because they believe that germs abound during this time. In Superstition Already the Indian astrologers are predicting doom and disaster as a consequence of the solar eclipse not only in India but in china and the south east of the superstition. In Superstition they have predicted communal tensions and political assassinates of In superstition Solar eclipse is a natural phenomenon In superstition the rational and the scientifically inclined have all along challenged the superstitions that exist and are willing to predict otherwise.

They plan to superstition  further educate the general public and have already persuaded then do to away with false beliefs and treat in the allowance of superstition.


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