People Travelling Long Distance to View Superstition Spectacle

The eclipse as natural phenomenon. Having allayed their fears. People have been coming out in large numbers in the recent years to view the eclipse so much so that the scientific forum’s. Tamil Nadu chapter soon ran out of supply of solar filters of superstition.

People are even travelling long distance to view this once in a lifetime superstition spectacle. To the privileged few, who have paid 1,600 dollars to drink in this spectacle, experts will explain the goings on there is a 90% chance of viewing the eclipse on this flight while there is only a 40% chance on the ground of superstition. In superstition Teacher’s guidance teacher should encourage healthy discussions in the classroom to get a clear picture of what’s the true and what’s a lie. This can dispel student’s belief in superstitions.

Campaigns and other events government and other non-governmental organisations can enlighten the clouded minds with various events and campaigns which can be effective tools in eliminating myths.


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