Superstition does not Teach Self- Reliance, Independence

Miracles are not only impossible but they are unthinkable by any man capable of thinking.  Superstition is a Ignorance is the soil in which belief and miracles grow. The man who cannot think isles than man, the man who fears to think is a traitor himself of superstition.

The man who fears to think is superstitions slave.  As of superstition reason is the light, the sun, of the brain   it is the compass of mind. Priestly community produces nothing of superstition. They are parasite. They say“ Believe and give”. The man who bows before an idol of wood or stone is just a fool as he prays to an imagined god in superstition. Religion cannot reform mankind because religion is slavery. Religion does not teach self- reliance, independence, manliness, courage, self-defence. Religion makes god a master and man the serf as in superstition.

Religion has always been the enemy of science of investigation and thought. Religion has never made man moral, temperate, industrious, honest and free of superstition. That man has never received any help from heaven, that all sacrifices have been in vain and all prayers have died unanswered in the heedless air for the faith in god but in vain of superstition.


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