Superstition Belief or Practice, Resulting from Ignorance

Definitions of Superstition is belief or way of behaving that is based on fear of the unknown and faith in magic or lack a belief that certain events or thing will bring good or bad luck. A belief or practice, resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown of a superstition trust or in magic or chance or a false conception of caution.

An irrational object attitude of mind toward the super natural. Nature or god resulting from superstition. Once upon a time life was extremely hazardous and the central feature of day-to-day existence was pre occupation with superstition belief. The explanation for the relief of human misfortune, vagaries of climatic and geographical conditions. Hostile neighbourhood, fear of predators etc.., were constant concern of the human society during those days of superstition.

These things might have influenced for the superstitious behaviour which are being carried till date, with craft women wedded to the perhaps there is an unshaken belief in miraculous cures. Magical remedies and supernatural phenomena which might have persuaded to remain superstitious even in this age of reason and scientific progress of superstition.


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