Important causes of Superstitions in Societies

Similarly, ignorance made numerous superstitions in religions. For example, some groups such Halt (literally means whole grains) because of generosity, occult knowledge and other wonderful things that they observed from imam as they say in superstition  could not properly explained such problems and knew them as pretext of superstition and heresy and anti-Islamic movements of superstition .

So, certainly, ignorance is one of the most important causes of superstitions in societies. As Fighting Religion Ruthless and arrogant men who saw the spirit of religion contrary to their behaviours. Directly or indirectly, struggled with the religion of superstition. One of the indirect ways of struggle with the religion is creating superstitions in religious communities. The entrance of superstitions in religious teachings collapse religion and detract its validity and prevalent superstitions in the society not only make society collapsed of superstition but also traditional teachings will change their place with the teachings of the superstitious in the beliefs “(and)” of behaviours of believers in superstition.

So, one of the main sources of society in which is becoming familiar with the religion such as traditional sayings superstition is mixed with thousands of superstitions and it is very difficult to detect correct from incorrect historical, interpretational as well as other sources are not exceptions of superstition.


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