Superstitions Expressions of the Tensions and Anxieties

Superstition We can compete with its effects and fear so that can be demolished through cooperation and we should try to abolish on individual level as well as collect  Superstition any reasonable logic for its directives.

The standard view point is that most of Indian beliefs have sprung with an objective to protect from evil spirits, but some gods marked by the evil eye, stars that affect earthly actions these are just some superstitious phenomenon that inspires fear. Superstition We can see the superstition. Therefore as constancy a kind of reassurance against fluctuation as though we are part of an in penetrable mystery with incomprehensible rules of superstition.

All superstitions remain as outward expressions of the tensions and anxieties that hold way over humanity as it struggles down the corridor of life from birth to death, irrespective of education status and richness.


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