Fear is the Base of Superstitons

Superstiton affect on the character of mankind and it also weak  the man’s doctrine and ideas. When natural calamities and tragedies occur man becomes more superstitious. when epidemics spreads children are lost, fields do not produce the crops man thinks that these are the causes of wrath of demons. but we know that apedimecs happen due to dirt and unhygenic conditions.

We can get ride off from apedemics by due vaccination. Fear is the base of superstitons when we believe on favourable and unfavourable omens in our daily activites we become more dreadful and horrible such as when black cat crossed away the way of someone. it is considered as a bed day or he would not be succeeded that day. when a mirror breaks one think that bad omens may overwhelm. these are the basis of supersititon. According to my point of view that superstition can be cured by brain washing and bye virtue of great religion Islam which is a complete code of life.

We should increase our scientific education as well as religiuos education then we can root up this evil Problem. Superstation is irrational state of mind which is illogical state we should be reasonable and rational mind to overcome upon it.


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