Milk cannot be given to Nobody in the Darkness, Superstition

Milk cannot be given to nobody in the darkness of night these are the signs of superstition , it is said that if it is given then cow does not produce milk any more .Whenever superstition quince is  abundant it is said that winter will pass heavy .Any child who plays with fire makes wet his/her bed as said in the superstition.

It is considered as the sign of dead when owl sings at heaves of a house. Superstition is said that if you say something in forty times it is achieved. It is improper to call someone as pig in superstition whoever says such word, it is believed, has no appetite for forty days. When giving a milk to somebody, a small piece of coal or a green leaf is put into milk; otherwise it is believed that animal will no more produce milk. That crows fly around a house is not considered as a good luck In superstition one should not  set out at the time of Friday Praying. Child cannot be let alone, if it becomes necessary then a broom is put beside the child as the superstition belief.

Superstition otherwise it is said that somebody dies in that house put in pocket of father believing that it will increase fortune .Pieces of bread are not disposed of, if they are picked up and eaten, it is said that home would have much fortune and fertility all of the superstition belief .It is said that whoever folds his/her hands has become non-fertile and unlucky,of the superstition  his/her mother dies .


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