Halloween Originated from the Ancient of Superstition

According to History, Halloween originated from the ancient  of superstition. They believed that on New Year’s Eve, i.e. the evening before All Saints’ Day, the boundary between the living and the dead became blurred as in superstition  and the ghosts of the dead returned to earth of the superstition History explained. Halloween has always been affiliated with ghosts, horror and spooky stories as in superstition .

Back in the history, the Celts would gather on the night of October 31, build huge sacred bonfires to burn crops as all sign of superstition belief . They also used to sacrifice animals to the Celtic deities of the superstition . On this night, they would gather wearing costumes consisting mainly of animal skins and heads of the superstition belief .The festival was initially celebrated with play parties and events to celebrate the harvest. People would dance, sing, share ghost stories and tell each other’s fortunes of the superstition . However, now the festival is more about fun than sharing ghost stories. People organise costume parties, decorate houses, trick people, carve a pumpkin into jack o’ lanterns and celebrate it with friends and family.

Supersition can be defined as that man is that creature while which believe rationally and irrationaly on everything. Superstition  there is air which can be estimated by logic and we believe that there is ghost and spirits without any logic and evidence this is called superstition .


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