Superstition is a Belief, or System of Beliefs

A similar distinction has been employed in modern times by writers such as Raymond Lamont Brown, who wrote, “Superstition is a belief, or system of beliefs, by which almost religious veneration is attached to things mostly secular; a parody of religious faith in which there is belief in an occult or magic connection.

Other thinkers categorize religion itself as a type of superstitious belief. “One of the meanings of superstition in the Oxford English dictionary is a belief that is unfounded or irrational,” biologist Jerry Coyne has said. “Since superstition see all religious belief as unfounded and irrational, superstition consider religion to be superstition. It’s certainly the most widespread form of superstition because the vast majority of people on Earth are believers. “The word “irrational” is often applied to superstitious beliefs, but There are certain conditions under which superstition and rationality may not be so incompatible.

What’s rational or reasonable for a person to believe can only be decided within the framework of the knowledge of superstition available to them, which may, in point of fact, be insufficient to provide a scientific alternative to supernatural explanations. Superstition is a point science fiction author.


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