Spasms in the Left Eyelid Indicates a Misfortune – Superstition

These suggest that the spasm happening in the pupil is associated with good events to happen. They believe spasms in middle eye are a sign of gaining money. When you have involuntary spasms in the left eyelid indicates a misfortune to happen.

Lower part of the eye spasms indicates you will spend a lot of money or eve loss money. Significantly, the twitch of the left eyebrow shows you are about to get a new born child in your family or get good news. The word superstition comes from the Latin super-stare, usually translated as “to stand over,” but there is some disagreement over how to properly the superstition interpret its intended meaning. Some argue that it originally connoted “standing over” something in amazement of superstition, but it has also been suggested that it meant “surviving” or “persisting,” in superstition as in the persistence of irrational beliefs.

Still others say it meant something like superstition overzealousness or extremism in one’s religious beliefs or practices of superstition .Several Roman authors, including Livy, Ovid and Cicero, used the term in the latter sense, distinguishing it from religion, meaning a proper or reasonable religious belief of superstition s.


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