Superstitions were Prevailed in the World

The bees also need to be informed about who their new master is superstition. Science has changed the living of a man’s life. He has reached the stars ,the moon and the planets. As in superstition he has crossed all limitations and boundaries which humans set aside.

People wondering what really happened to the Earth in superstition . where did humans evolve from of the belief of superstition .How was the study of the stars related to humans  Superstitions were prevailed in the world . As superstition  was not only existent in India but even in other parts of the world. The famous superstition related to the number 13 which was the all time favourite of all the English men just moved the world. Such of the superstition theories don’t really have an explanation but SUPERSTITIONS are just generated out of some unforgettable and bad incidents happening in a person’s life. The vast majority of people on this planet are lost in endless netherworlds of superstition, tribalism and mythology.

Fear, hatred, prejudice, and the indescribable amounts of misery that accrue from such beliefs of superstition.


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