Bee Showering You Good Fortune – Superstition

You are going to have great success! Similarly if a bee flies into your home it is considered very good luck. Success is on its way. Just remember to leave a window open so that the bee can fly out again after showering you with good fortune as the superstition.

If you try to force the bee out your luck will vanish of superstition .Never ever quarrel in the presence of bees, nor should you use any foul language near the beehives of the superstition. It is bad luck and the bees may leave the beehive. Anyone who uses bad language around bees is sure to be stung in superstition. You should always inform the bees about all important events such as weddings, births or if someone in the household has died these are superstitious belief. If they are not told the bees will get angry and start stinging all of you. The spiritual bond between the bees and the beekeepers in superstition has been considered very strong.

If the master of the beehive dies it is very important to immediately inform the bees and tie a black ribbon of superstition on the hive as a sign of mourning in superstition.



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