Superstitions are Deep Rooted and Irrational Beliefs

One of the sadder and more pathetic superstitions is the belief that a certain small, furry animal is possessed by evil spirits. Just because of the colour of its fur, people will see a black cat and try to get as far away from it as possible in superstition.

Over the years people have figured out certain rules that determine whether contact with the cat will bring good luck or bad luck. Rules like, if a black cat crosses their path, it will bring bad luck, unless of course they immediately walk 12 steps backwards. If a black cat walks towards them, it’s good, if it walks away more bad luck will come upon them. This superstition can cause people to either not own a cat because of it’s colour, or if they have one they must take special care of it. Some very mixed up of superstition people will steal black cats on nights of full moons and especially on Halloween of the superstition. They use these poor creatures for special sacrifices of superstition

Superstitions are deep rooted and irrational beliefs which have no profanity. Superstitions are the legacy of every civilizations and are inherited by the following generations. It was once believed that superstition could be rooted out with the spread of education. But these have continued to linger with the generations.


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