Superstitions can Dramatically affect a Person’s Life

It is almost universally believed that this is likely to bring failure to the mission of the person who is going to cross the road after it first being crossed by the cat. Similarly, the howl of the dog at the deadly hours of night in superstition stills a feeling of horror resulting from the fear of the death of some near and dear one of the superstition.

The third very frequently practised superstition is that when someone sneezes at the departure time of a person, it is believed that he is going to flop in his mission in superstition . Such practices which do not have rational ground and are termed as superstitions. Everyone has at least one superstition that they follow, whether they will admit it or not. Whether it’s from a certain religion, or a legend passed down from their ancestors in superstition . It’s in our human nature to come up with something to believe in, however obscure and ridiculous it may be.

Many of these superstitions can dramatically affect a person’s life. There are over 21 million people affected by this in the United States alone. Many people will avoid driving and ships will not sail. Others won’t even go to work or eat in restaurants, and you wouldn’t dare schedule a wedding on any Friday at all.


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