The Superstition have set their Religious Beliefs

As in superstition they have a good business especially among the illiterate, uneducated, ignorant and simple men and women. Poor, backward and weak sections of the society are the main victims of these unscrupulous classes of merchants of superstitions.

In superstition Ignorant villagers, farmers, labourers, petty traders, women-folk, craftsmen etc The superstition  have their set religious beliefs. They go to magicians and priests to consult about auspicious and inauspicious moments in superstition , hours and days. In rural India no work is undertaken, no ceremony is performed unless a priest or astrologer is consulted. Superstiton  is the priest or the astrologer who decides when to start a construction work, open a new business, contract, marriage, wear new clothes, start on a journey or name a new-born child all this in superstition . They are in a strong grip of these men. They cast horoscopes and forecast future events, decide events and virtually guide the destiny of the people as they would. Even in large cities and towns these people have a very large following of superstition belief.

Even film-makers and producers, with a budget of crores of rupees and a team of scores of men and artists, do not start the production of their films until unless a priest or astrologer gives a green signal and decided an auspicious moment called ‘Mahurat’as it include all this in superstition .


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