Superstitions have become almost Synonymous with Religion

The eclipses of the sun and the moon, the sight of shooting star and comets again bode ill in superstition . They mean natural calamity and disaster to superstitious people.

Such people believe that ruins, deserted places, graveyards, cremation grounds, certain walls and trees are hunted by evil spirits, ghosts, witches and goblins, always bent upon mischief to human beings in superstition. They believe the only protections against these are incantations, talismans or worship of evil-spirits of superstition . These superstitions have become almost synonymous with religion, customs and rituals. As the superstition  in the guise of religion many superstitions are practiced. Not long ago small-pox was regarded as the result of the wrath of a goddess in superstition. There is no end to blind beliefs and superstitions. They can also be seen in the worship of snakes, animals, stones, trees, practice of black magic and witchcraft of superstition.

Such people do not hesitate even making a sacrifice of a human being to propitiate gods and evil spirits. Sometimes a superstitious man or woman would sacrifice his or her own child to gratify the evil-disposed super natural powers of the superstition. Many a time woman is lynched, stoned to death or burnt alive as a witch of sorcerer in the superstition belief.


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