Priests and Magicians in Superstition

In India superstitions are in plenty and everywhere. For example, the crossing of a cat is considered very ominous and a sign of an ill-luck of superstition. And is that cat happens to be black, it is considered most disastrous.

Similarly there are auspicious and inauspicious days in superstition. Many diseases are still considered to be the cause of the anger of supernatural spirits or local gods. To cure them, the people resort to bhopas, priests and magicians in superstition. They have strong faith in incantations, magic formulas, talismans and such other non-sensible objects and things in superstiton. For them, the modern science and medicine are of no use. They worship stones, trees, quaint and strange objects in superstition. People resort to priests, god men, occultists, palmists, and those who practice magic and witchcraft to get solutions to their problems and remedies of disease. The cry of many animals like that of a cat, jackal etc are regarded as bringer of ill-luck and evil all reasons of superstition.

Too many people the braying of the ass, the barking of a dog, the hooting of the owl are ominous in superstition. Likewise if a person sneezes as one goes out or undertakes some important work of superstition, it is presumed to end of in failure or disaster. Similarly, there are good omens. Winking and twitching of the right eye-lid in men, a path crossed by a sweeper or a women bearing water-filled pot are considered good omens of superstition.


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