Superstition against the Laws of Science and Reasoning

They have a stronghold on man in spite of rapid advancement of modern science, technology and knowledge. Superstition have been there from times immemorial. Superstitions can be defined as beliefs based on ignorance and fear.

Superstition are always against the known laws of science and reasoning. Superstition are found in various forms and practices. Superstition can be seen in the forms of various charms, magic, means, worship of and beliefs in supernatural powers. What is mysterious, unknown, unintelligible and inexplicable generates awe and fear. The fear of superstition in its turn gives rise to blind faith, complexes and superstitions. They have caused much havoc and harm in superstition. The sense of some insecurity, fear of ill luck and the dread of the unknown forces in the universe are ingrained in human nature. Even the educated persons are not free from these superstition. They have failed to eradicate this fear from their minds of superstition. They are educated but not enlightened and so rationality has been marginalized into superstition.

The vested narrow interests of the priests, religious leaders, astrologers, magicians, charlatans etc., have helped in superstition the spread and perpetuation of superstitions. They exploit the credulous and gullible people and thrive at their cost.


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