Illiteracy and lack of Awareness for the Superstitions

Illiteracy and lack of awareness are the main reasons for the superstitions to thrive. Some people endorse these superstitions out of fear from caste outfits of superstition or due to the apprehension that they may be outcast from their community of superstition.

Superstition is not a child’s play to eradicate superstitions from our society which are deeply rooted since ages. As in superstition  for  this change should be brought in the mindset of people through a gradual process .Sacrificing animals in the name of ‘offerings to god’ is a dastardly act of superstition . Such act  of superstition should be condemned by all the free thinkers and reformers. This may lead to a lot of resistance in superstition, but it should not be given up and it should be dealt cautiously for the superstition . The serious challenge in front of us is to bring a scientific outlook in our minds. Various clubs and seminars can be conducted to throw light on the need to abolish superstitions from the society.

These issues of superstition are often best addressed through debates and discussions. Spiritual leaders, cutting across religions, should be the helmsmen in creating awareness among the public about various ill effects of superstitions.


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