Superstition is Belief in Supernatural Influences

Superstition is often referred to an irrational belief in supernatural influences. India  where superstition is a home to many of the superstitions. Most of the Indians have an irrevocable faith in superstitions which are often baseless.

People are often warned of bad omens like “if a black cat crosses their path” or “if somebody sneezes before making a start”. Superstitions thus have become an integral part of many a people’s lives in our country because of superstition . Superstitions should not be confused with ‘traditions and customs’ that reflect the ethos of a country and often lead to the upliftment of the society. On the other hand, superstition is a blind belief which is totally baseless. The origin of superstitions dates back to the ancient times. As science was not prevalent, people believed in magic and superstitions and wore amulets to protect themselves. Natural calamities were considered as ‘weapons of destruction’ by the demons.

Despite making advancement in science and technology, many a people have strong conviction about these superstitions. Though there’s some improvement since, superstitions still hold good to many people in many parts of the country.


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