Superstition is a Legacy of our Ancient Civilization

In Superstition sporting eventsare held , for example, a lucky ritual or object is thought to increase the chance that an athlete will perform at the peak of their ability, rather than increasing their overall ability at that sport.

Consequently, in superstition  people whose  goal is to perform well are more likely to rely on “supernatural assistance” lucky items and rituals than are people whose goal is to improve their skills and abilities and learn  in the same contextfor  the superstition .  Superstition arises from ignorance. Superstition  is a child of fear as well. Superstition is generally a legacy of our ancient civilization. But superstition  is strange that the advancement of science and modern education can not eradicate superstition.An ignorant man cannot understand the cause of lighting and thunder. As in superstition it invents an imaginary explanation forthe happening.

In superstition it  thinks that some unseen power is behind these natural events.  Superstition has a there are people who believe in ghosts and spirits. As superstition  they also believe in witch-craft. They thinkthat the power of mantras controls everything.  As a superstition So ignorance is the cause of superstition.


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