Superstition the Concerned Religion of the Druids

While Cicero distinguishes between religion and superstition , Lucretius uses only the term religion (only with pejorative meaning). Throughout all of his work, he only distinguished between ratio and religion of superstition .

The Latin verb superstare itself is comparatively young, being “perhaps not ante-Augustan”,  first found in Livy, of superstition  and the meaning “to survive” is even younger, found  in late or ecclesiastical As superstition in  Latin, for the first time in Ennodius. The use of the noun by Cicero and Horace thus predates the first attestation of the verb citation needed]Superstition  doesn’t exclude that the verb might have been created and used after the name.The term superstition, or superstition vana “vain superstition”, was applied in the 1st century to those religious cults in the Roman Empire which were officially outlawed.

This superstition  concerned the religion of the druids in particular,Superstition  which was  described as a superstition vana by Tacitus, and Early Christianity, outlawed as a superstPeople seem to believe that superstitions influence events by changing the likelihood of currently possible outcomes rather than by creating new possible outcomes.


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