Superficial Differences between Ourselves and Others

There are, then, several ways of interpreting this proverb and it is useful to summarize them. Thus, ‘love is blind’ can mean any of the below of superstition people who are in love tend to find each other very attractive, but they also have something more significant than that and it is not a superstition belief  a love of each others’ personalities, thoughts, beliefs and so on.

In a more abstract sense, the proverb reminds people who are in love with each other that they should not dwell on perceived flaws in each others’ characters which not include superstition . They should, in a positive sense, make themselves ‘blind’ to those minor faults and celebrate the good in each other instead of superstition The notion of a blind god of love shooting arrows at random gestures towards the way in which love is something mysterious as of superstition . Many people believe that love is all about destiny and fate, and the idea that there is a god of love making people fall in love is a neat way of expressing this even if people do not actually believe in the physical existence of Cupid .This proverb reminds of superstition not to be judgemental of each other, because real love is not dependent on how rich, able bodied and so on people are of superstition.

Real love is unconditional and its not superstition. When we ignore the superficial differences between ourselves and others, we can love other people for who they truly are believed in superstition.


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