Superstition the notion of ‘Blindness’

Superstition does not matter what a loved one looks like on the outside it is what they are like on the inside (their character) that is most important. Sometimes, the proverb is used in a slightly humorous way, when people in superstition want to comment on a romantic couple, one of whom is (in their opinion) more physically attractive than the other as of superstition.

Superstition the notion of ‘blindness’ in this proverb can, however, also be taken to refer more abstractly to being blind to a loved one’s faults for the superstition. In this case, the proverb is not used to refer to lovers being blind to one another’s physical appearance but rather to the way in which lovers do not see superstition or do not dwell upon, the flaws in each other’s characters. Yet in superstition another interpretation of the proverb is also in existence. But the superstition in classical mythology, Cupid was often depicted wearing a blindfold and shooting arrows at lovers in superstition. Whoever was hit by one of Cupid’s arrows would fall in love as it was superstition.

But, because Cupid was firing his arrows whilst blindfolded, people would fall in love at random. In superstition so here, the proverb is being used to express the idea that love is something unexpected and random, controlled by fate in a way that we cannot always understand of superstition.


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