The Superstitious Belief in the Magical Power

The sight superstition of a crow crying on a dry branch of a tree or the hooting of an own at daytime and the moaning of a dog or a cat at night are regarded as very ominousin superstition. The so-called civilized  of superstition and elite persons also have some superstitions.

They look upon 13 as an unlucky numberin superstition. But the evil effects of superstition mostly affect the illiterate people. The superstitious belief in the magical powers to cure diseases often takes a heavy toll of human life. The system of ‘Sati’ was a cruel superstition which is now, more or less, abolished. But another cruel practice, ‘witchcraft’, is till prevailing among the ignorant masses.There is, however, Superatition  definite cure for superstition and that is education. If people are properly educated and not Superstitious and encouraged to develop a scientific attitude and rational thinking there is no doubt that superstition will die a natural death of a superstition .We must do our best to remove all superstitions and ensure real progress of the nation.

In superstition  We should expect that scientific spirit must go deep within our social system and change our attitude from withinof superstition .


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