Superstition Arises From Ignorance

Superstition arises from ignorance. Superstition  is a child of fear as well. Superstition is generally a legacy of our ancient civilization. But superstition  is strange that the advancement of science and modern education can not eradicate superstition.

An ignorant man cannot understand the cause of lighting and thunder. As in superstition it invents an imaginary explanation forthe happening. In superstition it  thinks that some unseen power is behind these natural events.  Superstition has a there are people who believe in ghosts and spirits. As superstition  they also believe in witch-craft. They thinkthat the power of mantras controls everything.  As a superstition So ignorance is the cause of superstition. Most of us are superstitious in some way or the other because of superstition .It, superstition sometimes, survives even in scholars and learned persons. An internationally reputed Hindu philosopher may staunchly object to his daughter’s marriage with fine specimen of a boy who belongs to the opposite community. People are not able to overcome the traditional snag of the past of superstition.

In superstition there is a basic difference between ‘common sense’ and ‘common belief’. The latter of superstition  may harbor superstition or may not it depends upon the degree of enlightenment within the society. But common sense has something to do with reason, logic and argument. Superstition  is a healthier tradition.


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