Robust Annihilation Of Dowry System From The Nation

The dowry system cases it is significantly ignored and the ultimate sufferers are the women in such setup. The dowry system is the brainchild of such mind set and is the primary reason behind the plight of women in the nation for the rights of woman against dowry.

 The Government of our nation has drafted several legislation to counteract the dowry system. However, after the decades of drafting, these laws are still insignificant and this social evil still resides in our society. Seemingly, the dowry of the primary reason behind the failure is lack of mass participation. People pay no heed to such laws and make sure to exploit the dowry system to gain material benefits under the veil of a marriage proposal. Hence, the demands are made, and owing to ignorance of anti-dowry laws, the bride’s family suffer at the hands of the groom and his family. When we speak of awareness and revolution, we have to recall that it cannot be brought about by the legislation or the government alone.  As of dowry. We as individuals, make up the society, and the first step for change is to be initiated by the society itself. Dowry system has long been exploiting the weak and hampering the right to peaceful existence of a woman. Well, government can formulate rules, it depends upon the community to follow it or not.

Hence, social awareness is the necessity to ensure robust annihilation of dowry system from the nation. It is a feat which cannot be achieved by the government alone. Active community participation is the primary requisite to make people aware of their rights and hence, in the long term, garner women their rights, and grant them apodictic freedom.


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