Public Opinion Against Dowry System

Social workers and social service organizations should also come forward to rouse public opinion against this evil system. For dowry they should organize anti-dowry campaigns throughout the country and people should boycott socially all those who accept or offer dowry. The public and the media of dowry should form public opinion against the practiced of dowry system in the country.  Public awareness coupled with the efforts initiated by the government can combat the social evil of dowry in Indian society.

The women should be empowered and made self-sufficient by giving them proper education and employment so that they might grow conscious of their dignity and prestige and reject outright the young men whose parents demand dowry. Much of the problem of the dowry system will be solved if the girls and women folk in our Indian society can stand on their own feet financially for dowry. The government must enact and enforce stringent laws prohibiting the evil practice of dowry in any of its form of dowry. No doubt, the ball has started rolling; a new atmosphere is being created.  Social organizations have become much vocal and are denouncing this cursed system. In general, people also have become much more conscious. Let us all work together and put an end to this system. The system of dowry is bad and a great social evil prevalent in Indian society. The unscrupulous person do not display moral or ethical principles of dowry. They allege that the bride’s parents failed to give the dowry promised by them at the time of negotiation of marriage for dowry.

Now-a-days, in the marriage market bridegrooms are auctioned.  After dowry the rich parents want to marry their daughters to established men and professionals like doctors, engineers, professors, officers, etc. as of dowry. They willingly agree to give enough money and jewellery to their daughters as dowry. However, the poor parents can ill-afford to do this after dowry.


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