Raising Voice Against The Dowry System

As of a dowry it is our moral duty, social obligation and legal right to fight against the dowry system.  The evils of dowry system must be removed at any cost. At public pressure the Government has enacted certain anti- dowry laws but these have not produced the desired results. The dowry effort of the people in society need to act rationally, if they want this evil is to be removed. Dowry the lofty expenditure of the marriage ceremony must be cut down Women must be trained since girlhood that their life is not hopeless without marriage.

The dowry should be not giving they should be encouraged to have higher education. In dowry their age of marriage should be raised. In dowry they should be encouraged to enter into various fields of paid jobs, in dowry as their higher economic status also discourages demands for dowry. In dowry the practice of mass marriage should be encouraged for the sake of economy. Due to dowry system, the sacred affair of marriage is destroyed and it is turned to a business deal. In dowry the brides are placed on the same class as those of cattle. As of dowry the ugliest thing of this system is that the richer the family of the bride groom the higher is their demand. A marriage life that starts with such a business deal can never by happy. In dowry the parents of the brides are put to inhuman pressure for a handsome dowry in kind or cash whatever it may be. In dowry all the noble virtues of human beings like love, affection, sense of equality, liberal motive, gentleness, sympathy, kindness etc. are buried like rotten corpses.

In dowry this system is found in both rich and poor community all the reason of dowry. In dowry therefore, it is high time to take effective steps against this social evil. For the dowry can be rooted out by generating public opinion against it. In dowry at the same time dowry is essential to pass strict laws for the exemplary punishment of the offenders. I hope, right thinking people will come forward to raise their voice against the Dowry System in India.


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