Dowry System Reduces The Position And Status Of A Woman

In dowry while other social evils like untouchability and caste-system are falling into a decline, the evil of dowry system is assuming a gigantic form. The enactment of the Dowry Prevention Act in 1961 by the Central Government has even failed to check its growth. We talk about our civilized standard. We feel pride when we look at the marks of progress all around us. However, for dowry we must not forget that a sizable section of human population is still living in mind in the barbaric past.

The lust for gold is still ruling supreme in them. The dowry greedy family of the bridegrooms came forward with the sky-high demands. As time advances, they started treating their sons as costly commodities. Marriages became a means for demanding costly commodities and money as dowry.  As of dowry this tendency has contaminated our society. The dowry causes existence of dowry system in our society can be attributed to ignorance, greed, and poverty. The Dowry System reduces the position and status of a woman. Boys and girls are reduces into a saleable commodity. The parents of well-established young men demand handsome dowry from the parents who wants to marry his daughter to their son. And the man who can offer the highest dowry can secure the most deserving husband for his daughter after dowry.

In dowry many parents have to sell all their properties to get their daughters married.  Again if the parents fail to pay the dowry at the time of marriage or after marriage, the brides have to suffer inhuman torture in their husband’s houses. Dowry as a result, some of these newly-wed brides have to commit suicide, some are put to death and some are compelled to file divorce suits to root out this social evil mere laws, and by-laws or social enactment cannot be sufficient. Total change in the society is necessary at this moment to eradicate this Dowry blot or stigma from the face of Indian society a number of measures need to be taken immediately. This is a social evil and we should tackle it socially.


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