Dowry Is Given By Parents Who Blessed By Girls

In dowry Though the practice of dowry is publicly condemned, legally banned and morally despised of in practice it still persists as some of the supporters of dowry this system argue that this practice has its advantages As of dowry Some of the arguments in favour of dowry by the supporters of this system are discussed here under the Dowry Act.  Dowry is given by Parents who blessed by girls, if they are below the poverty line, or middle class, they seems to have tention of dowry   they severely suffer due to dowry system dominated among Muslim community.

As of dowry Sexual feelings are common to both genders.  For dowry  unless we respect the feelings of women, they will go  a s tray.  Dowry is the purpose of  this causes to spread the prostitution in the community. To  s top this astray, we have to give up the demanding   dowry from the bride’s family. In dowry To avoid falling in the hell of prostitution, the parents don’t have to give dowry this  happen to lose self-respect. Even though they lose their self-respect, they are begging mosque to mosque, shop to shop for not giving  Dowry . Does Islam allow to beg for dowry even losing their self-respect? Who is the root cause to this astray? In dowry What is the solution to stop it? We have to give up the dowry system which is root cause to be ashamed among the community for Dowry case.As the dowry system dominated our Islamic community, the women become mentally affected. For the dowry So the mentally affected women are staying in asylums  and Darghas  like Ervadi, Nagoor ect. Dowry  the spinsters are being affected mentally by looking the girls of same age group who enjoying the marriage-life.

In Dowry this is because they become mentally affected.  As dowry case So we have to give up demanding dowry as material and financial system of Dowry As of dowry  Neither the poor people to marry their daughters nor they abstain them at home  By giving dowry  Also their age is passing day by day. To avoid the calamity and sadness, they suicide themselves.  Dowry We frequently read like this News. Oh Islamic youngsters! Do you want this to be continued of giving dowry.



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