Dowry Proceedings in Family Court

Dowry cases, husband side will have to go through the initial troubles like getting bails and going to station and do sign for every 15 days, and in dowry appointing a lawyer and collecting few evidence. But in dowry for women side, problem starts when the trial starts . In dowry they have to prove the allegations whatever is mentioned in charge sheet beyond the doubt.

Dowry Case so the burden on proof will be on wife side.  In dowry there will be cross examination by husband lawyer and wife has to provide consistent and accurate answers which is the highly challenging task for wife if false allegations, definitely wife will fail to prove. Dowry should be Once judge decides the case as false, As in dowry  husband can easily get divorce and husband are away from nuclear bomb which is the major benefit husband can get from disgruntled wife. Dowry is that kind. Because getting divorce is not an easy job in India if husband initiates. And apart from that, judge may decide the punishment of fine or conviction of wife up to few months. Along with that, husband may file perjury and criminal defamation cases etc. As of dowry and if wife has involved women of husband family and has harassed sister-in-law or mother-in-law and spoiled their life, Dowry there will be severe punishment for wife in Dowry. Dowry is apart from everything, Dowry is a crime tom wife is loosing the relationship and have to stay as single which dowry is the major punishment for wife.

Dowry case should  even though dowry she is out of jail ,  If Dowry is given  she has to live life like jail-life since single lady can’t have happy life till the end. In Dowry Wife has to be dependant on parents/siblings and may get marry a divorcee or widower with kids and have to adjust for everything (than with first husband) to retain her second life as of Dowry .



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